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Home schools

The overall aim of our work with students is to develop their capacity to make a successful return to less restrictive settings, particularly regular schools.  Each student who is referred to the program is seen by the school counsellor at the home school. This is to facilitate the student's transition to the appropriate program at the appropriate time. After a student is offered placement the assistant principal or principal discuss details of student and programs with staff from Fowler Road before student is enrolled.

After the student is enrolled the AP or class teacher visits the home school to discuss expectations, exit outcomes, time-line for student's attendance at home school and communication processes with Fowler Road.   Staff at home schools complete and return information on the student's progress in a negotiated format so that appropriate reinforcement can be implemented at Fowler Road.

Staff at home schools need to:

  • provide information for the formal review of students twice each year
  • maintain links with parent/carer through, for example, sending home the School Newsletter and notes for parents
  • organise application for regional funding to support the student, if necessary.  The Fowler Road Teacher will provide the program necessary for the home school to apply for funding
  • complete follow-up form after the student has exited Fowler Road program.

Staff at Fowler Road:

  • facilitate interactions with home schools
  • develop a learning program for students to complete in the afternoons when they may not, initially, be in attendance at either school
  • inform parents/carers of home school attendance pattern and inform the Office Manager of the attendance pattern and updates so these can be updated on the Filemaker data base
  • put key information relating to home schools, for example, principal, teacher, contact numbers on the front of students' ILPs
  • put key information relating to Fowler Road, for example, principal, teacher, contact numbers on the front of students' ILPs
  • develop an ILP for students containing information on the student's assessments, network, strengths, likes/dislikes and particular issues impacting on the student's integration. The ILP is accompanied by a Risk Management Plan designed to assist staff at home schools in understanding management issues relating to the student in the home school setting.

The following aims to facilitate communication between Fowler Road and home schools. The package contains the following:

  • information sheet on 'What Might Happen' outlining a process students might engage in at Fowler Road
  • information on different disabilities relating to students is found in another file and may prove helpful
  • information on the Learning Support Cycle
  • a home school timetable
  • information sheet on what students and staff 'might be thinking' about a student return to the regular school setting
  • social skills inventory
  • 'Things to think about' when considering a transition class
  • collecting information sheet
  • a home school behaviour plan proforma
  • samples of communication sheets that can be used by home schools
  • vouchers that might be used by home schools
  • a home school review proforma
  • a transition plan proforma
  • a program evaluation proforma.