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School management plan

In leading a highly effective school, a quality planning process is required to drive and direct the main strategic business of the school. It is essential to achieving substantial, sustainable growth and improved learning performance. It is both capacity-building and future focused so as to deliver an impact which is transformative.

As a school leader, the opportunities through such a planning process are significant in engaging, inspiring and shaping the educational priorities and aspirations of the school community.

The new approach to school planning is the first part of a new approach to school excellence. It is a streamlined and strategic approach to school planning, reporting and self-assessment to better support schools. It is based on extensive research and a strong evidence-based platform, which includes two years of development and testing by principals in NSW public schools. This is outlined in the Secretary's message School Excellence.

The development of the planning approach has included input from many school leaders throughout the state. It is an evidence-based approach which models best practice in planning.

It provides a great basis for establishing a successful, high level methodology to leading transformation in our schools and across our public education system.